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Case Study / Visual Language / Empire Home Services
Empire Home Services is an Illinois based provider of home services, including light construction, landscaping and painting. With the Company being a provider of multiple services, the identity needed to be non-trade specific, incorporate alternate services, while staying consistent. The solution was accomplished through a wordmark identity that could incorporate multiple services without a visual disconnect, while staying consistent. The use of anchor elements creates consistency and enables additions to be immediately within brand. Click or Scroll Down to View Project

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Empire Home Services identity logo project by Adam Garlinger
Identity Development / Primary Logo Mark
The identity combines the developed icon graphic and wordmark.
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Overview & Thoughts
The challenge is, how do you incorporate multiple products and services into an identity system without it looking forced, avoiding a disconnect and staying within brand? The solution, the use of consistent visual elements that tie multiple identities together, creates consistency and builds the brand. Using these consistent elements, the developed identity is able to incorporate multiple services, new products and services, stays consistent, can adapt to changes to meet needs, builds a connection with the audience and builds the brand.
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Empire Home Services wordmark identity project by Adam Garlinger
Wordmark Identity
The Wordmark serves as the anchor element and contains the consistent elements used throughout the suite of wordmarks.
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Empire Home Services identity development by Adam Garlinger
Wordmark with Anchor Elements
The Wordmark incorporates the anchore elements., the common visual elements that tie together the wordmarks used throughout the brand identity.
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Empire Home Services identity logo project by Adam Garlinger
Adapt and Evolve
The additional company wordmarks incorporate the anchor elements with relevant imagery.
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Empire Home Services identity logo project by Adam Garlinger
Primary and Additional Wordmarks
The anchor elements tie together additional wordmarks within the brand identity of the company, so the audience immediately knows it is the company.
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Empire Home Services identity logo project by Adam Garlinger
Landscape and Painting Wordmarks
The use of consistent elements enables new elements to be seamlessly added.
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Empire Home Services identity logo project by Adam Garlinger
Company Wordmarks
The anchor elements and the use of interchangeable elements enable the Company to adapt and evolve while staying within brand, to extend the brand and build needed brand equity.
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Empire Home Services identity logo project by Adam Garlinger
The visual architecture of the identity enables future additions to easily be incorporated, and visual changes will evolve the identity and continue to build equity.
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Project Summary
Building an identity system using a structure and architecture enables the identity to incorporate changes, adapt to needs, and ensures the identity can build needed equity.

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